Our History

The Centre of Excellence in Alternative Care of Children [Centre] is a registered nonprofit organization in New Delhi, India. In recent years, the Indian Government have put focus on alternative care of children in legislation and implementation evidenced by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act 2015, Centralized Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) Guidelines 2015, Model Guidelines for Foster Care 2015. However due to limited awareness, resources and capacity, the alternative care policies are not reaching the people. The Centre addresses these gaps.

Who we are

We are group of professionals who bridge the existing gaps between policies and practices in child care system in India. We work to ensure that every child has the opportunity to live in a safe family environment. We join hands with organisations, individuals and communities to strengthen and implement non-institutional alternative care options in India.

Our Vision

Safer and stronger families for children

Our Mission

To translate policy into practice in the field of alternative care of children in India


UID Registration No. DL/2016/0103495 NGO Registration No. 1101, Delhi Registration Date: 12 December 2015